King's Indian 2.0

"King’s Indian 2.0” is the “ultimate guide” to the king’s Indian defense. GM Igor Nataf is a world specialist in this opening and has played it all his life with a lot of success. His understanding of this opening is really amazing and he has beaten tons of Grandmasters during his career with this deadly weapon.

The king’s Indian is well known for its complexity, and was a favorite of world champions Fischer and Kasparov! It’s Igor Nataf who is partly responsible for Radjabov’s great success with the King’s Indian ! They worked together so much on this opening and shared the same philosophy on it!

But of course, with time and the advent of the computers, new antidotes have been developed for white, and the way to play the King’s Indian has profoundly changed over the years.

In his Course “King’s Indian 2.0” , Nataf reworked the entire opening deeply and looked first and foremost at all the major recent setups that white has been using in tournament play. He will share with you his unique conclusions. He will recommend his antidotes and will offer you a very fighting repertoire for playing for 3 results with the black pieces, which is really a difficult task nowadays…

The course will be divided in 5 parts, organized by importance and chances of appearing on the board:

  • The first part will be about the recent setups when white is playing with the king on e1 for the major part of the game.
  • The second part of the course will be about the classical main line with Nf3/Be2 and OO
  • In third part, black will see how to fight the Fianchetto system (g3 lines)
  • In the 4th part of the course, black will look at what to do versus other major systems (4 pawns Attack, Saemisch, Petrossian, Averbakh, etc…)
  • And finally in the 5th part, Igor will show you what he recommends vs “Anti-King’s Indian” lines and various move orders (for instance Colle, London System, Barry Attack and many others).

This course is valuable for all levels, from amateur to top GrandMaster and the content is very unique. You won’t find this material in any chess book or video online.

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  • 3 hours of training daily
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